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Compost Bins

Planet Earth Compost Bins

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Planet Earth Compost Bins

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Item #: BP-GA SCMP

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Your search for a backyard composter that isn't hideous is over, for the Planet Earth Compost Bin is very cute. And inside its delightful design is a sophisticated system for producing backyard compost.

Why Green

  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Helps restore organic matter to the soil
  • Composts a variety of sources

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This blue sphere certainly makes a statement about composting! Our Planet Earth compost bin features a charming exterior that will compliment most garden patio decors. Inside this delightful design is a sophisticated system for quickly producing garden compost. Simply rotate the sphere once every ten days to create nutrient rich compost.


  • Attractive design- the charming exterior looks nice in any outdoor setting
  • Fast- makes compost in just three weeks compared to other models, which can take as long as a year and a half
  • Easy to use- Four paddles on the inside of the tumbler make it easier to mix material
  • Technically advanced composting system- tumbling system made of six wheels and six axles improves mixing, aeration, and moisture
  • Reduces household waste- by composting household waste you can reduce the amount of trash you generate and improve your soil quality


The easy to use Planet Earth Compost Bins can reduce household waste by turning it into compost in just 7 to 10 weeks.
Simply fill and empty the composter by using the large opening at the top of the tumbler. The four paddles built into the inside of the tumbler make it easier to mix old and new material and wet and dry matter.
You can effortlessly create nutrient rich compost for your garden by a few quick cranks of the outside handle, which rotates the tumbler. You only have to do this 3 or 4 times a week, or a little more during cold weather.
omposting time depends on several factors (temperature, moisture level, aeration, size of pieces, carbon-nitrogen ratio, etc.). Generally, the more rigorously these factors are controlled, the faster the process will be. Without control and left on its own, the compost heap could take up to two years to decompose.

How it Works

Four paddles built into the inside of the tumbler

  • mix old and new material
  • combines wet and dry matter
  • facilitate aeration, which speeds up decomposition
  • form handles on the outside of the bin, for easier moving and rotating.

The rotating system made up of six wheels and six axles
  • enables the material to be regularly turned over
  • is a faster and easier way of producing compost
  • improves mixing, aeration and moisture
  • keeps the compost moist by preventing direct heat and dehydrating air from slowing down the decomposition process
  • Note: Use of a compost activator will speed up the composting time. It is not a necessary additive but will assist people living in zones with a short growing season. There are many good activators on the market but we recomend using an organic accelerator..

Size Chart

Tumbler capacity: 8.7 cubic feet
Height with wheels: 34.5"
Tumbler width: 31"
Base width: 26.5"
Diameter of tumbler opening: 13.5"
Base capacity: 5 U.S. gallons
Empty weight: 26.5 lbs



  • Large indentations used as grips for rotating the tumbler.
  • Four interior paddles used for homogeneous mixing and tumbling of materials allowing for ideal disintegration and aeration needed for good composting.
  • Simple and solid rotation mechanism for effortless turning permitting a more frequent aeration of the compost.
  • Door helps control the level of moisture in warm weather and keeps rain from washing out nutrients
  • Base collects up to 4.4 imperial gallons of leachate, compost liquid runoff, a terrific source of soil nutrients
  • Manual pump simplifies the transfer of the compost leachate to a watering can
  • Scale (in liters and gallons) integrated into the base


We are so happy to offer the Planet Earth Compost Bins because they make composting so easy and they look so good in your garden. You can reduce household waste by turning it into garden compost in just three weeks, which is much faster than other composters. The trick is the advanced design, with tumblers, peddles and handles for maximum efficiency. (See the "How It Works" section.) What really stands out, though, is the design of these home compost bins. The shape of a globe actually looks very nice in your garden and is emblematic of what you're saving by using it.

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Blue Planet Smart Compost Bins


Item #: BP-GA SCMP

  • Available in: blue color
  • Attractive design
  • Compost made in 3 weeks

On Sale - Save $25!
Availability: Ships in 1-2 days
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The Planet Earth Compost Bins is only one of our compost bins. See how the Planet Earth Compost Bins compares to other models in our compost bins comparison. You can view other models around $299.99 with excellent rating on all compost bins. This page features one of our compost bins - the Planet Earth Compost Bins.