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DeLonghi A120E Portable Air Conditioners

Delonghi PAC A120E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners
ECOAir 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners with Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

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Delonghi PAC A120E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners

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Our EcoAir portable air conditioners feature the latest, highly efficient and eco-friendly R410a refrigerant compared to standard air conditioners on the market which use the harmful R-22 refrigerant.

Why Green

  • Uses eco-friendly R410a refrigerant
  • Reduces damage to ozone layer
  • Doesn’t release harmful chlorine gas

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Our Delonghi PAC A120E 12,000 BTU portable air conditioners feature a highly efficient and eco-friendly R410a Refrigerant Gas. Since it is recognized that common air conditioners out in the market today are using R22 refrigerants, which are severely damaging the earth’s ozone and ecology, the EPA is taking steps to completely eliminate this harmful refrigerant gas by the year 2020. With the Delonghi PAC A120E you no longer have to wait until this phaseout is completed in order to cool your home with a healthy, reliable unit. In addition to quicker and more efficient cooling, the Delonghi unit also features an evaporative, "dripless" design to discharge all the moisture through an exhaust system instead of collecting in large, messy buckets. The unit is equipped with durable castors, side handles and a classic, attractive exterior to help move and blend in throughout any area of the home. Other functions and features such as a remote control, sleep and timer modes, and easy-to-install window kit make it that much easier to provide cool, clean fresh air during those uncomfortable hot days. Covers up to 400 square feet.


  • Uses R410a refrigerant: Has lower toxicity, does not contain chlorine, there is no flame propagation and has no ozone depletion potential. Also, there is no phaseout date in the foreseeable future (more information on the R410a available in the “Specifications” section)
  • Cooling performance: 12,000 BTU/hr performance for up to 400 sq. ft.
  • No-drip technology – condensation recycling process
  • Electronic controls with soft-touch keys and LED Display
  • LCD remote control: allows an easy and immediate control of functions and room temperature
  • 4 operation modes: Smart, sleep, boost and auto fan
    • Boost: is used to obtain rapid cooling. The fan is set to high speed and the temperature is automatically set to 64F
    • Smart: the air-conditioning unit decides the best way to operate to guarantee maximum comfort
    • Sleep: ideal for the night-time and maintains the room at optimum temperature without excessive fluctuations in either temperature or humidity with silent operation. Fan speed is always at a minimum, while room temperature and humidity vary gradually to ensure the most comfortable conditions. During air conditioning, the temperature increases by 2°F after 60 minutes and 4°F after 2 hours.
    • Auto: selects the optimal fan speed in relation to the temperature in the room
  • 3 fan speeds: low, medium and maximum
  • Washable air filter to remove large airborne allergens such as dust and pollen
  • Dehumidifying mode: Ideal to reduce room humidity (spring and autumn, damp rooms, rainy periods, etc). Unit is prepared in the same way as for air conditioning, with air exhaust hose attached to discharge moisture outside. Fan speed is selected automatically by the appliance and cannot be set manually.
  • No-drip technology: condensation recycling process
  • 24 hour programmable timer - allows to turn the unit on at a specific time. Great to have the room already cooled when coming home from work or errands.
  • Energy-saving adjustable thermostat
  • High efficiency compressor and components provides quiet operation
  • Easily portable: features durable indoor and outdoor castor wheels and side-carry handles. Also includes an extra-large professional castor kit
  • Designed and engineered in Italy
  • Window kit includes:
    • Window bracket with locking pins (Minimum length: 14”, Maximum extension length: 39”)
    • 5 foot Air exhaust hose
    • Window outlet


To keep your air conditioning unit working efficiently, you should clean the dust filter every week of operation. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust collected on the filter. If the dust filter is very dirty, immerse in warm water and rinse a number of times. After washing, leave the filter to dry

How it Works

About the R-410A Refrigerant:
Our Delonghi PAC A120E 12,000 BTU air conditioner is equipped with the chlorine-free R410A refrigerant which meets the EPA’s newest, most stringent environmental guidelines. Most air conditioners out there on the market use the R22 refrigerant, which is considered by some experts to be a significant factor in depleting the ozone layer. A refrigerant such as the R22 (part of the HCFCs, hydro-chlorofluorocarbons refrigerant family) contains chlorine gas yet was widely used because of its excellent heat transfer properties. While the air conditioners don’t normally release the gas while in use, it can still escape into the atmosphere through a leak, during service or after being thrown out improperly when no longer in use.

The existing refrigerant R22 will be phased out along with other ozone depleting chemicals by the year 2020. The phase out is being enforced via the EPA program (under the terms of the 1990 Clean Air Act) and will limit the amount of R22 that is available for use in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. By 2010, the amount of allowed R22 supply will be lowered affecting the supply, demand and regulations. By 2020, all R22 production will be completely stopped. All new or existing equipment will no longer have the R22 refrigerant installed. Since the R410a has slightly different specifications, they cannot simply be substituted into any of the existing systems that used R22. By selecting an air conditioner that uses R-410A you will avoid the risk associated with purchasing a product that is destined to become discontinued and obsolete.

In addition, there are many other benefits with operating an air conditioner using the environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. First, a R410A refrigerant runs cooler than R22 systems and reduces the risk of burnout due to overheating. This compressor also is more energy efficient and will give cost-saving results and higher-efficiency performance while in use. Lastly, the use of an R410A compressor results in a quieter operation, which is always a plus. R410A air conditioners utilize the most current technology available for efficient and reliable operation.


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Technical Specifications

Delonghi PAC A120E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners
ECOAir 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners with Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
Air Conditioner Controls Digital LED with remote control
Max. Room Size (8 ft. ceiling) 400 sq. ft.
Air Conditioner Thermostat 64°F – 95°F
BTU per hr Cooling 12,000 BTUs
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) 12.12
Air Conditioners Fan Speeds Low, medium, maximum
Refrigerant for Air Conditioners Eco-friendly R410a
Insulation Kit Included Yes
Timer 24-hour programmable
Ventilation Hose Length 5 ft.
Power Consumption 990 Watts
AC Unit Dimensions 18”W x 30”H x 15”D
AC Unit Weight 70 lbs


1 year on all parts and accessories, 5 years on compressor


The R22 refrigerant phaseout requires manufacturers, owners and administrators to take a step back and think about the long term affect when seeking to provide the consumer with effective portable air conditioners. The Delonghi PAC A120E portable air conditioner allows the consumer to provide their home and the environment with an eco-friendly refrigerant gas well before the phaseout. And since the R410a refrigerant is more energy efficient, provides quicker cooling and features quieter operation, it only makes sense to act now and utilize the Delonghi PAC A120E during those hot, summer days as compared to standard units out in the market currently. This is an opportunity to go ahead, take advantage early and help restore the earth’s ozone and ecology.

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The Delonghi PAC A120E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners is only one of our portable air conditioners. You can view other models around $1000000000 with very good plus rating on all portable air conditioners. This page features one of our portable air conditioners - the Delonghi PAC A120E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners.