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The greatest opportunities for incorporating energy efficiency and sustainability into a building come in the design phase. During construction, there are additional opportunities to reduce the project's impact on the environment. Renovating an existing building rather than building a new one is truly an environmental choice that does not disturb the natural environment or require new infrastructure.

High-performance buildings use less energy, cost less to operate, use fewer natural resources, and impact the environment less than conventional buildings. However, the process of designing, constructing, or renovating a high-performance building is quite different than traditional design/build methods. This section explains the key steps to successfully create a green building.

This Web site provides many guidelines, tools, success stories, and links to guide you through the process of designing, constructing, or renovating high-performance buildings.

  • Plan and finance your project with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind.

  • Design, construct, and renovate your high-performance building using the whole-building approach and design tools. Topics addressed in this section include:

  • Choose building components that use the latest in energy-efficient technologies and practices and learn about what's on the horizon.
  • Operate and maintain your building to get the most out of your energy dollars. Even if you can't afford major renovations, there are no- or low-cost ways to save.

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