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Earth friendly weed killer

Weed killing the earth friendly way

Instead of using chemicals to rid your garden of noxious weeds, where possible just try using water.

Yes, water :)

The trick is to boil it first of course. This is particularly effective for use on weeds in the expansion joints on driveways and paths.

Other greener options for killing weeds (depending on the type)

- White vinegar is good as a broad leaf weed killer.

- Cooking salt can be used on gravel driveways.

- Glyphosate - Sold under hundreds of different brand names, glyphosate breaks down very quickly. The great thing about glyphosate is that it's also very cheap. A $4 bottle of generic branded glyphosate is just as effective as a $10 bottle of brand name weed killer containing glyphosate if the concentrations are the same.

To further reduce environmental risks, only use the amount as directed on the bottle - using more won't kill the weeds any faster or more effectively. Also invest in a hand pump sprayer - the money you outlay on the sprayer will be offset by the reduction of glyphosate you'll need to use if for example you use a watering can to apply it. Less chemical - less collateral damage on the environment and less damage to your wallet also :).

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Michael Bloch
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