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A Paleoclimate perspective on global warming

The Story

The goal of The Story is to give the reader a background on climate issues and the scientific study of climate variability.

What is Global Warming?

With so much discussion regarding Global Warming, Greenhouse Warming, and issues concerning the ozone layer, it is difficult to keep it all straight. This chapter is intended to define the terms Global Warming, Greenhouse Warming and how they relate to the issues of atmospheric ozone.

How do we study Global Warming?

This chapter explains how scientists study variations in the Earth's temperature using satellite, instrumental (rain gauges and thermometers), and paleoclimatic data.

Weather, Climate, and Paleoclimatology:

This chapter not only gives a clear view of what the science of paleoclimatology is but also how this science can be used to gain a better understanding of the Earth and its ever-changing climate.

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