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Water On Tap

What You Need to Know

US Environmental Protection Agency

Where does your drinking water come from? How do you know if your drinking water is safe? How can you protect it? What can you do if there’s a problem with your drinking water?

To help answer these—and other—questions, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency prepared Water on Tap: What You Need To Know in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Water On Tap: What You Need To Know (English) (PDF 36 pp, 3 M)
EPA 816-K-03-007, October 2003

Water On Tap: What You Need To Know (Chinese) (PDF, 36 pp 3 M)
EPA 816-K-04-003, October 2004

El Agua del Grifo - lo que usted debe saber (en español) (PDF, 36 pp 3 M)
EPA 816-K-05-006, September 2005

To order a copy of this publication contact:

National Service Center for Environmental Publications

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460