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environmental news

ENN: Ecosystems

Coral reefs and climate change: Microbes could be the key to coral death

From: Society for General Microbiology
Published April 2, 2008

Coral reefs could be dying out because of changes to the microbes that live in them just as much as from the direct rise in temperature caused by global warming, according to scientists speaking today (Wednesday 2 April 2008) at the Society for General Microbiology’s 162nd meeting being held this week at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Tropical ecosystems are currently balanced on a climate change knife edge. Corals in coral reefs, which are made up of animals called polyps that secrete hard external skeletons of calcium carbonate, are living perilously close to their upper temperature limits. This makes them very vulnerable to even small temperature rises of 1-2oC above the normal summer maximum.

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ENN: Sci/Tech

GreenDisk: a viable e-waste solution?

From: Triple Pundit
Published April 1, 2008

Computers are becoming cheaper and easier to manufacture by the minute. Intel's new Atom processor is bound to create a whole new set of net-enabled devices at extremely low cost. While the processor is not out yet and prices are not set in stone, rumors price new "net-top" computers below $200. Cheaper computers make electronic recycling all the more relevant. Computers and gadgets are being replaced more frequently as electronics become obsolete in a matter of months.

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ENN: Lifestyle

Gore Launches Climate Change Awareness Campaign

From: Worldwatch Institute
Published April 2, 2008

After earning an Oscar and Nobel Prize, Al Gore knows that when he speaks, people listen. Now his voice is even louder. The Gore-led Alliance for Climate Protection, an all-out marketing blitz, launched on Monday with plans to "ignite" Americans into taking action on global climate change. "When people unite and call for action, change is inevitable," says the Alliance’s website,http://www.wecansolveit.org/.

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