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Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifiers

DISCONTINUED: Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifiers

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DISCONTINUED: Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifiers

This item is not currently available.

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The modern styling of this six stage air purifier with HEPA filter and titanium dioxide technology fits nicely into any decor.

Why Green

  • Auto fan setting saves energy
  • Removes gas pollutants - VOCs

Expert Rating:


The Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 has been discontinued. Please view our selection of available energy efficient air purifiers to find an alternative.


  • Multiple stages of filtration: the Hygia 6.0 captures airborne particles along with harmful chemicals, gases and odors through six separate filters, easily accessible for cleaning and replacement.
  • Comprehensive Filters tackle a wide range of pollutants: These include a pre-filter for large particles, a charcoal filter for odors and smoke, a HEPA filter which captures 99.9% of all airborne particles and a comprehensive Photo-Catalytic Oxidation filter activated by an energy-efficient UV light to neutralize gases and VOCs, chemicals and odors and decompose airborne bacteria, viruses and mold.
  • Three features to improve energy efficiency and have clean air:
    - Dust Sensor: The dust sensor analyses the air quality in your home by detecting dust, smoke, pollen and small particles.
    - Auto fan speed will automatically select the fan speed according the to air quality indicated by the dust sensor. Or you can select one of the other 4 speeds which include quiet, low, high, turbo
    - 4 timer settings allow the air purifier to run in 1,2,4 and 8-hour intervals, so you can turn it set it to run only when you need it.
  • Easy to use Controls: Choice of push-button controls on the unit or remote control to power on and off or adjust fan speeds and timer settings. Five fan speed settings include quiet, low, high, turbo and auto. The energy-conserving automatic setting (managed by a built-in dust sensor) adjusts to air quality, so the unit won’t waste energy running at full speed when not required.
  • Indicator Lights: Convenient indicator lights let you know when it is time to clean or replace a filter, so the purifier won’t work harder than it needs to due to dirty filters.

Hygia 6.0 Filters

  • Pre-Filter: The first of the five filter, the pre-filter effectively captures large particles such as dust, lint and pet hair. Wash every 2-3 months.
  • Charcoal Filter: Activated carbon absorbs odors and smoke particle. Replace every 6-12 months.
  • HEPA Filter: The true HEPA filter captures 99.9% of airborne particles including dust mites, debris, mold spores, pollen and pet dander. Replace every 6-12 months.
  • PCO Filter: The Photo-Catalytic Oxidation filter is coated with Titanium Dioxide which is activated by the UV light to neutralize gases, chemicals and odors and decompose airborne bacteria, viruses and mold. Wash every 2-3 months.
  • UV Light Tube: The UV-A light acts as the light source for the PCO filter to activate the Titanium Dioxide. The UV bulb should only be replaced by a qualified technician when needed. UV bulb should last 1-3 years depending on use.
  • Ionizer (6) - emits small amounts of negative ions to enhance the cleaning process (We tested it and it does NOT produce Ozone)

How it Works

Diagram of Hygia 6.0 Filter

  • Pre-filter (1) - for larger particles like pet hair and lint
  • Charcoal Filter (2) - removes odors, including smoke
  • HEPA Filter (3) - captures 99.9% of allergens
  • PCO Filter (4) - destroys micro-organisms such as bacteria and mold
  • UV Light Tube (5) – activates the Titanium Dioxide on the PCO filter
  • Ionizer (6) - emits small amounts of negative ions to enhance the cleaning process. (We tested it and it does NOT produce Ozone.)


Expert Review

Everything about this Swedish precision engineered air purifier reeks of quality and got high marks from us. We test many air purifiers and it takes a lot to impress our team. We would have liked this air purifier to have covered a slightly larger area for the price point. Also the replacement filter costs are something to consider. So our final word? A technologically superior, light weight machine ideal for small spaces. Whether it is odors, gases or plain old allergens, the Hygia 6.0 is a serious little machine, doing Titan work when you need it the most.


2 year limited warranty.


This air purifier is perfectly designed and airtight. Filters stack neatly behind each other, making cleaning and changing them a breeze. The control panel is intuitive, and the remote control provides access to those that are less mobile. Another plus is the safety shut off, which activates when the panel is opened, keeping children safe. The unit is efficient and thoroughly tackles all manner of air pollutants but requires a bit more maintenance. This is still a small consideration considering the benefits. The Hygia is relatively quiet overall; however, the turbo setting can be loud. We recommend using it when you’re out of the room for a power cleanse. The automatic fan setting is ideal for most circumstances, adjusting the speed downward when the air is clean, thereby saving energy. Because of its size, the Hygia 6.0 is best for smaller rooms. The built-in handle on this lightweight air purifier makes it simple and quick to move from one space to another.

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Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier Filter Replacement Pack

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Item #: GG-AP H6FLT

  • Replacement Filter Pack for the Hygia 6.0 Air Purifier includes:
  • 1 HEPA Filter and 1 Charcoal Filter
  • Replace every 6 - 12 months depending on use

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The DISCONTINUED: Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifiers is only one of our air purifiers. See how the DISCONTINUED: Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifiers compares to other models in our air purifiers comparison. You can view other models around $1000000000 with very good rating on all air purifiers. This page features one of our air purifiers - the DISCONTINUED: Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Air Purifiers.