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Green Landscaping – How to Guide

A guide to green outdoor living through an eco friendly landscape and garden!

A beautiful yard and garden, and improved air quality and drinking water in your community - no gasoline, chemical fertilizers or electricity required. Earth-friendly and practical lawn care, outdoor living and landscaping products are available as alternatives to polluting gas mowers, plastic or paper lawn bags, and chemical ferilizers. These products reduce landfill waste and keep contaminants out of the soil and groundwater. Choose from the product categories below, and a more detailed description of a list of products will appear on your screen. If you need help at any time or would like assistance, call us TOLL FREE 1-877-473-3616 and we'll help you select the right garden products. See our entire selection of Garden or Outdoor Living Products.



Push Mowers for Outdoor Living

A push mower is an easy way to cut your grass and keep the air clean for everyone to breathe. Did you know that traditional gas-powered mowers are responsible for 5 percent of the nation's air pollution, according to the Environmental Protection Agency? One gas mower running for an hour emits the same amount of pollutants as eight new cars driving 55 mph for the same amount of time, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. Push mowers are a logical step towards cleaning up the air pollution problem, so that nitrous oxide gases don't come from your backyard to contribute to smog, respiratory illness and global warming. There are even state gas mower buyback programs sponsored by the EPA, so check with your state for rebates.

Lawn Care



Biodegradable Lawn and Leaf Bags

Reduce landfill waste with compostable lawn bags that break down in weeks rather than centuries, compared to their plastic counterparts. They have a large capacity and are durable enough to handle the toughest lawn care or composting jobs. They are also manufactured with extreme flexibility and are built to "breathe" so the composting or break down process happens faster and more efficiently. Though these bags are made from corn, they are completely shelf stable so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down in your pantry or shed.

Lawn and Leaf Bags



Lanscape Mulch for Outdoor Living and Landscaping

Instead of sending old tires to the landfill and consuming forest resources, send the tires to your yard. This mulch that is made from 100% recycled rubber tires can leave your yard looking it's best . Enjoy worry free landscaping because it's non-toxic to pets and children, and mold and fungus resistant. Available in 8 attractive colors that don't fade for 10 years, it is EPA approved and shock resistant for joints, which is ideal for kids playgrounds.

Landscape Mulch



Outdoor Patio Furniture

Milk bottles before, adirondack chairs after. This time, you can get the perfect, attractive outdoor seating without using extra petroleum or clear cutting forests in the manufacturing of products you purchase. Give your back a rest with these inviting and durable chairs and tables that are weather resistant and attractive.

Patio Furniture



Compost Bins for Lawn Fertilizer

Each time fertilizer is applied to backyards and gardens, the chemicals get washed into the soil, which eventually end up in waterways. It's easy to stop this harmful cycle with a compost bin. Plants will thank you by providing bountiful flowers and harvests from the rich nutrients that come from composters. And chemical fertilizers will be knocked off your shopping list, leaving more money in your pocket.

Compost Bins



Greenhouses - Backyard Farming

Growing food and flowers locally in your own backyard greenhouse couldn't be any greener! It removes the need for transportation and packaging, which reduces landfill waste and energy usage. Each greenhouse assembles in 2-4 hours and only requires a phillips head screwdriver and pliers. Instructions are detailed with many assembly pictures. Guaranteed to be corrosion free, these greenhouses offer virtually unbreakable twin wall panels to protect your plants.