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Solar Portable Battery Chargers

Solar Buddy Solar Chargers

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Solar Buddy Solar Chargers


Availability: Not shipping until 2010-06-30

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Item #: SR-LI BABD

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No more coming out to find your battery is dead. By harnessing the light of the sun, the Solar Buddy Solar Chargers supply the necessary power to your car, boat, or motorcycle battery.

Why Green

  • Solar powered so is a sustainable resources
  • Reduce hazardous waste

Expert Rating:


The advantages to using solar power are as limitless as the energy provided by our planet's most important resource. The Solar Buddy is a product that seizes the benefits of solar technology. These chargers meet or exceed the performance of traditional lighting products but without the hassle of battery changing, or the detrimental impact battery disposal has on the environment. The Solar Buddy helps make the future bright with the clean, free energy of the sun.


  • Cigarette lighter plug available as an adaptor on the go for another charging alternative
  • Suction Cups and wing nuts for attachment to smooth surfaces
  • Weatherproof panel allows for use on boats, while camping or any inclement weather
  • Suction cups and wing nuts for attachment to smooth surfaces in any area, particularly hard to reach spaces

Energy Star Rating

This item has not yet been Energy Star rated

  • 12-volt

Size Chart

Solar Panel 6"x 12"



1.8 watt minimum weather proof panel
6-volt accessory wire


2 year warranty


With these solar chargers, you can benefit from the use of solar power as an alternative energy source, while also helping to protect the environment. Our line of solar chargers gives you the limitless power of the sun in convenient, practical packages. The Solar Charger is light weight and easy to store regardless of your destination, and it has the ability to charge most large batteries including car and boat. Take advantage of our planet's hottest resource with GreenandMore.com Solar Chargers.

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Solar Buddy Solar Chargers

Shipping Costs*
Item #: SR-LI BABD

  • Energy efficient
  • Multiple Uses

Availability: Not shipping until 2010-06-30
The Solar Buddy Solar Chargers is only one of our battery chargers. You can view other models around $49.99 with very good plus rating on all battery chargers. This page features one of our battery chargers - the Solar Buddy Solar Chargers.