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How to Lower Your Energy Bills

A guide to help save money on electricity costs with energy saving products

Each energy saving product we carry is organized in categories that feature different levels of energy savings. Select the products that you could use based on your living situation, to help lower your energy costs. Choose from the products and categories below, and a more detailed description of a list of products or single item will appear on your screen. If you need help at any time or would like assistance, call us TOLL FREE 1-877-473-3616 and we'll help you select the right energy reducing products. Click Here to see our entire selection of Energy Saving Products.



Watt Meter Electricity Monitor

The only way to be sure of the power draw of your appliances and electronic devices and peripherals is to test them at the outlet. Once you find out how much energy is being used when your devices are on, or idle, you will understand how much energy and money you will be saving on your electric bill by replacing, unplugging or using a smart power strip to cut off any power to that appliance. One could learn that a computer is actually drawing 30-70 watts when idle or on standby per hour. Then the energy abusing products can be changed or booted from the home, resulting in less wasted energy and a lower utility bill.

Electricity Monitor



CFL Light Bulbs

For every one standard incandescent light bulb you replace with an energy star qualified compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), it would save about $30 or more in electricity costs over each bulb's lifetime (source: energystar.gov). And, they use 75% less energy than regular bulbs, reducing energy consumption and lowering your bills. For only 13 Watts of energy usage, a bulb can product the light equivalent of a 60 Watt incandescent bulb. And they have a long life span of up to 10,000 hours, which saves money on replacement bulbs and save the earth from excessive replacement bulbs in the landfills.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs



Smart power strips

Save time, energy and money without doing anything extra, except buying a smart power strip. Each time you shut off your tv, but forget to turn off your dvd player, vcr, and speakers, there is energy and money being wasted. In addition to the usual lightning strike protection, and equipment meltdown warranty from a standard power strip, you will no longer need to remember to turn off your peripherals. New "smart strip" techonology works this way: when you plug your television or computer into the "Control" outlet and when this appliance is turned off, the peripheral appliances, like your monitor or DVD player, automatically turn off as well. Smart Strips also allow you to have appliances "always on" - for things like your cordless phone or fax machine. Great for computers with accessories, home theater systems and businesses. Choose from 7 or 10 outlet settings.

Energy Saving Smart Power Strips



Evaporative Coolers

Enjoy a cooler space in summer, and save up to 80% on the energy bill compared to traditional air conditioner units. For rooms between 150 sq. ft. - 750 sq. ft., simply choose to cool the space using an evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler, which uses one third the energy of a standard ac unit. Best suited for dry, hot climates, evaporative coolers do not use refrigerants, such as chlorofluorcarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons, which are known for damaging the ozone layer. Other benefits are a filter eliminates dust and pollen, and enjoy low maintenance and electricity costs.

Evaporative Coolers



Energy Guardian Attic Insulation Covers

The potential energy savings from reducing drafts in a home may range from 5% to 30% per year (source: US Dept. of Energy), and the home is generally much more comfortable afterward. Experts recommend checking your attic hatch for air leaks, which is a cause of heat loss in a home. If the attic hatch is not insulated, you can eliminate a major source of energy loss by installing an attic insulation cover or attic tent. Once installed, the attic insulation kit produces a 3-5 degree difference in overall temperature. It reduces the loss of energy during the warm summer months, or colder winter months. Attic covers consist of a frame and lid. The frame serves as a barrier or dam to keep insulation from entering into your living area. With a two-piece unit, you only pick up the lid when you enter and exit the attic (weight is only 10 lbs). When you leave the attic, simply reverse the process and set the lid into the form fitted frame.

Attic Insulation Covers



Dryer Vent Closures

For a small, simple way to bring about big changes in your energy bill, consider dryer vent closures. Conventional dryer vents often act as an "escape hatch", allowing outside air to enter your home through the exposed opening. This means higher heating bills in winter and higher cooling bills in the summer. The unique shuttle cup design maintains a tight seal from outside air, insects and birds when the dryer is not in use. These can also be used for range hoods and bathroom ventus, adaptable to any fan vent that has a duct smaller than 6".

Dryer Vent Closures



Wind-Up Flashlights and Gadgets

Let the sun power up your portable devices or batteries, and leave behind the batteries and higher electricity bills. You can use solar power battery chargers for a wide variety of needs. Use the solar buddy or Weza portable solar chargers for supplying the necessary emergency backup power to your car, boat or motorcycle battery. Or, use the solio solar chargers for multiple gadgets, including mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones/PDAs, ipods and other MP3 players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras, GPS and more. The money and energy savings of using the free power of the sun benefits the planet and the wallet.

Solar Chargers