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How to Reduce Toxic Chemicals at Home

A guide to safer, non-toxic living with organic and chemical-free products

Part of living greener means using products that contain fewer or no chemicals that can harm your health or the environment. Toxic chemicals are not used in the manufacturing or use of the products below, so they are easier on your lungs and keep toxins out of the earth's waterways and soil. Choose from the product categories below, and a more detailed description of a list of products will appear on your screen. If you need help at any time or would like assistance, call us TOLL FREE 1-877-473-3616 and we'll help you select the right chemical free items.



Steam Cleaners - Chemica Free Cleaning

Chemical free cleaning...effective, odorless and safe! If your priorities are your family's health and the earth's waterways, then chemical free cleaning with steam cleaners is something you should consider, especially if you have children. They allow you to disinfect your home without contributing to air or water pollution. Instead of buying toxic chemicals to clean the home such as ammonia and chlorine, known to cause asthma and lung or skin irritation, you can deep clean and sanitize with just water and heat. When water is heated and applied with a steam cleaner to surfaces such as stoves, refrigerators, tile grout, kitchen sinks, shower walls and doors, and window glass, the results are sparkling clean surfaces.

Steam Cleaners



Water Purifiers - Remove Chemicals

Chemical free drinking from your home faucet, without plastic waste from single use water bottles. Water purifiers - for countertop or under the counter installation - provide excellent water filtration from chemicals such as chlorine, lead and others that can be found in the town or city water supply. And with the latest reports on testing of contaminants such as drugs found in water supplies around the U.S., there are ways to ensure that these SOC’s (synthetic organic chemicals) and VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals) don't end up in your drinking cup.

Water Purifiers



Organic Bedding - Chemical Free

Organic bedding and baby bedding provide a chemical-free, eco-friendly and healthy slumber. Certified organic bedding means that the fibers which are used to create the sheets, blankets or mattress pads come from hand picked, certified 100% organically grown cotton. The white sheets are only bleached in hydrogen peroxide, which is an inert chemical that causes none of the environmental damage caused by chorine bleach - which is poisonous to fish and aquatic life. For organic mattress pads, the wool fillings and batting include wool that is certified to OKO-TEX 100 through a leading German organic certification organization. And the organic cotton cover is certified by Europe's oldest and most prestigious certification agency KRAV of Sweden

Organic Bedding   Organic Baby Bedding



Organic Table Linens - Chemical Free

Chemical free and elegant, organic dining at it's finest! And, by using cloth napkins instead of paper, it will save you money (about $.02/napkin), help cut down on trash in landfills, reduce forest clear-cutting, and reduce the use of chlorine used to bleach paper white, which releases dioxins in waterways. Each meal enjoyed on these colorful placemats, table cloths and napkins will be easier to swallow, with table linens made from 100% certified organic materials and eco-friendly dyes. They are available in up to 16 colors as well as un-dyed natural shade, depending on the style. Choose from woven prints and solids or luxurious cotton sateen. The manufacturer of these organic linens is a member of the Organic Trade Association, and uses some alternative power sources for their sewing machines.

Organic Table Linens