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Miele Powerhouse HEPA Upright Vacuums

DISCONTINUED Miele S184 Powerhouse Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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DISCONTINUED Miele S184 Powerhouse Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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These models have HEPA filtration and a stylish design. They also have variable power settings for energy saving.

Why Green

  • Power controls help conserve energy
  • ABS plastic housing prevents off-gassing

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The Miele S179, S183, S184 and S185 Powerhouse upright vacuum cleaners have been discontinued. Please see Miele's new S7 Upright Vacuum Cleaners starting at $429.00 as an alternative. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly upright vacuum cleaner, we suggest the Electolux Versatilityfor $299.99.


  • Multi-stage Filtration System: This includes an air tight chamber, an active HEPA filter for advanced micron filtration, intensive clean dust bags, pre-motor dense foam filter so you eliminate allergens and keep them in the bag to breathe cleaner air.
  • Durable, longer life span: Dirt bypasses the motor housing for a longer life span
  • Save energy and money: This vacuum has variable speed control so you only use higher power settings for heavy cleaning. The lower speeds are also great for upholstery, area rugs and draperies
  • Headlamp: Included on the S184 for additional light while vacuuming so you can see better inside closets and underneath furniture.
  • Airflow indicator: Indicates the level of air that is passing through the vacuum at a given time
  • On board tools:
    • 7 ft. stretch hose
    • 2-piece wand with wand park for quick and convenient use
    • Integrated crevice tool
    • Dusting brush
  • Enhanced Roller Brush: This brush conveniently self-adjusts to a variety of different carpets heights and densities
  • Can Switch from Carpet to Floor: Allows you to turn the double beater roller brush off, enabling you to clean bare floors
  • Front edge cleaning: The unique front edge-cleaning strip allows you to easily clean baseboards and moldings
  • Rubber wheels: for easy maneuverability


Expert Review

The Miele Powerhouse upright vacuum comes with a multi-stage filtration system and replaceable HEPA filter. It has a powerful motor for deep cleaning. The extra long hose help you clean efficiently. It also comes with high quality onboard tools for cleaning above-floor or hard to reach surfaces. This uniquely designed vacuum helps you clean more quickly because it can move across multiple surfaces such as carpeting, bare floors and area rugs. An added plus is the long brush roll that self adjusts, making transitions for different carpet heights and densities a snap.


Leading principle of the Miele company philosophy:
"Our aim is to manufacture and market durable products to the highest quality standards, using economical and ecologically compatible processes which not only demonstrate a high level of performance, efficiency and safety, but also place the least possible burden on the environment."

All our appliances are the best performers when it comes to saving energy. All of them: Miele is not in the game of packing all its environmental credentials into a single showcase product.

All Miele appliances are designed to last at least 20 years. That it is better for the environment or household appliances to be long lasting than to have to dispose of two or even three appliances over the same period is obvious. And in this respect, Miele products are clearly the better choice because they are made to a very large extent from metal, which is much easier to recycle. The cast-iron counterweights used by Miele are not only much more resistant in the long-term, but also much kinder to the environment than the concrete blocks used by all other manufacturers.

Ongoing optimization of production processes minimizes waste, effluents and emissions. There is no superfluous packaging, and the materials used are recyclable. Critical materials such as coatings and solders are reduced to the absolute minimum. Miele uses district heating and has implemented numerous energy-saving program in production and administration. Our logistics are designed for maximum efficiency, and all our vehicles are low-emission.


Overall we found the Miele Powerhouse vacuum cleaners to be a good value for the price. The easy maneuverability, smooth transitions from carpet to floor, self-adjusting roller brush and front edge cleaning strip all add to the ease of use. Best of all, these upright vacuums are easier to store than most upright vacuums with their onboard tools and more compact size.

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