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Miele S168 Polar Ice Upright HEPA Vacuums

Miele S168 Polar Ice White HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Miele S168 Polar Ice White HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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The S168 is sleekly styled and versatile. Though lightweight, this vacuum is powerful. Perfect for small spaces or small jobs.

Why Green

  • Requires less electricity than a full-size vacuum
  • Long life design reduces landfill waste

Expert Rating:


The Miele S168 Polar Ice is a lightweight, powerful, ultra-thin vacuum cleaner with superior filtration. The HEPA filtration system allows you to breathe easy as you vacuum by removing lung-damaging particles such as allergens and airborne pollutants. The Miele S168 is a versatile vacuum that has multiple configurations for any cleaning job. It's great for small spaces like apartments, loft spaces, yachts, RVs and campers. It is also good if you want a handy companion for quick pickups and small jobs, instead of bringing out your full-size vacuum cleaner. The S168 comes standard with the combination rug and floor tool, but it is available with a parquet floor brush, turbo brush or mid-sized power brush - pick the package that fits your cleaning needs!



Miele Combination Rug and Floor tool SBD245

  • HEPA Filtration: The S168’s active HEPA filter is capable of capturing 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns. The HEPA filter removes lung-damaging particles such as allergens and airborne pollutants while absorbing odors making this a great vacuum for allergy and asthma sufferers alike
  • Powerful Motor: The S168 come with a powerful 1000-watt motor providing more than 96 cubic feet of airflow per minute
  • Floor Tools: The S168 comes standard with a combination rug and floor tool (SBD245). Additional packages available include a Parquet Floor Brush (SBB 300-3) for bare floors, a Turbo Brush (STB 205-3) for light carpeting and scatter rugs, or a Power Brush (SEB 217-3) for medium to high pile carpeting
  • Standard Accessories: Include an upholstery and crevice tool neatly held in an onboard caddy
  • Long Cord: The 26 ft. power cord allows you to cover a large area without having to move to another power outlet. A convenient two-clip system holds the cord neatly in place when not in use.
  • Multiple Configurations: By simply pressing the easy-to-handle clips, the suction tube can be moved below the canister enabling you to get under low furnishings such as beds and sofas. You can also remove the tube completely and use it as a hand held vacuum for cleaning tight spots and upholstery
  • Customized Height for Better Control: The adjustable telescopic wand lets you adjust the length to match your height and is paired with an ergonomically designed handle for added comfort and control

Product Usage

  • STANDARD: Combination rug and floor tool
  • TURBO BRUSH (STB 205-3): Good for low to med pile carpets
  • PARQUET floor brush (SBB 300-3): Good for bare floors and occasional scatter rugs
  • POWER BRUSH (217-3): Good for med-high pile carpets
This vacuum is great for smaller sized spaces and quick pickup cleaning. The S168 comes standard with the combination rug and floor tool but is designed to work with most of the other Miele floor tools and accessories. We have conveniently packaged the S168 with a parquet floor brush for those who have bare floors, with a turbo brush for those who have mostly bare floors and throw rugs, and with a mid-sized power brush for those with mostly carpeted floors. The standard combination rug and floor tool is an all purpose tool and not as good at cleaning bare floors or carpets as the specific floor tools included in the additional packages.


Expert Review

The S168 has plenty of power for its size, with a 1000-watt motor powering its 10.5 lb body. It also has an active HEPA filter to control the air quality. With the inclusion of the bag change indicator light, which is helpful and easy to read, you can know exactly when it the bag is full. The vacuum is small, so it can only accommodate a small 2.6 qt. dust bag. If you need it for heavy use, you will have to frequently change the bag. We recommend using it in small spaces like campers, boats, apartments, etc. This little vacuum is also very versatile because you can change its configuration in just seconds. The telescopic wand can be adjusted to the height of the user, or you can remove the wand so the vacuum turns into a hand held. You do not get the luxury of automatic controls on this vacuum, however you do get a long 26 ft. power cord. A convenient two-clip system holds the cord neatly in place when not in use.

Technical Specifications

Miele S168 Polar Ice White HEPA Upright
Type of vacuum Upright vacuum cleaner
Finish - Color Polar Ice White
Vacuum Cleaner hood material ABS Plastic
Motor (watts) 1000 watts
Pre-motor filter for motor protection Yes
Airflow (cfm - cubic feet per minute) 96 CFM
Radius of Use (reach) 26 feet
Included Standard Floor tool(s) Combination rug/floor tool
Optional Brushes Upgrade package to include: Parquet floor brush (SBB 300-3),Turbo brush (STB 205-3) or Power brush (SEB 217-3)
Included standard vacuum filter Active HEPA Filter
Included onboard tools Upholstery and crevice tool
Suction adjustment Electronic Variable
Vacuum maneuverability Adjustable telescopic wand and ergonomically designed handle for comfort and control
Indicator lights on vacuum canister Bag change indicator only
Vacuum bag capacity Intensive Clean bag with 2.6 quart capacity
Power cord length 26 foot cord with 2-clip system to hold the cord neatly in place while not in use
Vacuum Dimensions 50”H x 6”W x 6”L
Weight of vacuum 10.5 lbs.


Leading principle of the Miele company philosophy:
"Our aim is to manufacture and market durable products to the highest quality standards, using economical and ecologically compatible processes which not only demonstrate a high level of performance, efficiency and safety, but also place the least possible burden on the environment."

All our appliances are the best performers when it comes to saving energy. All of them: Miele is not in the game of packing all its environmental credentials into a single showcase product.

All Miele appliances are designed to last at least 20 years. That it is better for the environment or household appliances to be long lasting than to have to dispose of two or even three appliances over the same period is obvious. And in this respect, Miele products are clearly the better choice because they are made to a very large extent from metal, which is much easier to recycle. The cast-iron counterweights used by Miele are not only much more resistant in the long-term, but also much kinder to the environment than the concrete blocks used by all other manufacturers.

Ongoing optimization of production processes minimizes waste, effluents and emissions. There is no superfluous packaging, and the materials used are recyclable. Critical materials such as coatings and solders are reduced to the absolute minimum. Miele uses district heating and has implemented numerous energy-saving programmes in production and administration. Our logistics are designed for maximum efficiency, and all our vehicles are low-emission.


1 year on Miele vacuum parts and labor and a 7-year warranty on motor and labor


We feel this is the perfect, lightweight upright vacuum to clean small areas or do a quick clean up job without dragging out your full sized upright or canister vacuum. It has tons of power for its size, an active HEPA filtration, a sealed system design, a bag change indicator, an adjustable wand and two on-board accessories. Multiple packages are available to meet any of your cleaning needs!

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