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Monarch 700 Hypodown Down Comforters

Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - Queen

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Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - Twin Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - Full Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - King

Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - Queen

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Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill comforters are specially made from a special Hypodown blend and features an elegant 12" square baffled box design. Also available in Queen, King & Super King.

Why Green

  • Environmentally friendly construction process
  • Durable

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The Monarch’s Hypodown comforters and its careful design and production process not only bring an elegant and classic touch to your bedroom but also promote healthy living. Only the cleanest and finest blend of Hungarian goose down and syriaca clusters (the soft hollow fibers of the milkweed plant) is used while the fabric is unbleached, undyed and chemical-free. The 700 fill comforter contains 85% large plumule down clusters and only 15% of down plumule pieces. The value priced hypoallergenic comforters feature a simple yet elegant 12 inch square baffled box design and a silky smooth 300 thread count long staple cotton fabric cover. The classy Monarch comforters will consistently provide warmth whether you are snuggling up next to the fire or need a restful and peaceful nights sleep.


Spot Clean when possible. Place in the dryer on low heat to refresh the down or hang on a clean line on a sunny day. Please do not leave it in direct sunlight. These comforters are machine washable. However, we recommend that these Hypodown comforters be professionally laundered by a company familiar with cleaning down. You can send your comforter away to be cleaned by the Blanc Plume French Laundry (1-800-307-0229), a company that specializes in cleaning fine linens, antiques and comforters. To clean your comforters and pillows they use a special, natural process which preserves the life of delicate goose down. They also ensure that your down is dried properly and thoroughly, at low temperatures, to allow for maximum loft. They also offer comforter restoration services as well.

How it Works

Hypodown is Hypoallergenic: Goose down can cause allergic reactions in some people. It is not the down that does this, however, but rather it is the dust particles remaining on the down after washing and processing. Our comforters and pillows are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be hypoallergenic. This is accomplished by combining syriaca clusters (commonly known as milkweed) with the down. The syriaca clusters enhance the natural properties of the down as well as stabilize the components that cause people to suffer down allergies from their comforters. These comforters contains 80% European goose down and 20% syriaca clusters. These comforters come in larger sizes - perfect for covering today's pillowtop mattresses.

Note: Hypodown has been tested in the offices of Allergy and Asthma Doctors in the United States and Europe. These tests prove that most people who are allergic to down can use Hypodown without reactions.
Syriaca clusters
Syriaca clusters are hypoallergenic and stabilize the components in down that cause allergic reactions when used as fill in comforters. Syriaca floss is a natural hollow fiber that is hypo-allergenic by itself. When syriaca floss and goose down are combined, the floss traps and suppresses the dust and dander to which some people have allergic reactions to. These clusters actually enhance the natural properties of down and are a fantastic fill for comforters and pillows. Syriaca clusters are cleaned and separated from the pods through mechanical action and air. No chemicals are used. It takes 800 pods to make one pound of Syriaca clusters.
Note: Many down comforters found in retail stores have fill powers of 550 or less.

Size Chart

Sizes Southern Weight Classic Weight Arctic Weight
Twin comforters - 68" x 88"  19 oz. fill 24 oz. fill

36 oz. fill

Full comforters - 80" x 88"  22 oz. fill 28 oz. fill 42 oz. fill
Queen comforters - 88" x 88" 24 oz. fill 31 oz. fill 46 oz. fill
King comforters - 104" x 88" 28 oz. fill 36 oz. fill 53 oz. fill


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Written By: Cyndi Baker (Upper East Side)
Fluffy and Warm Date: September 15, 2010
Pros: high quality, met my expectations
This is one sumptuous down comforter! So warm and cozy that I never want to get out of bed. Feathers do not leak through the fabric and it stays so nice and fluffy.... (see entire review)
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Comforter fill: Hypodown comes in different fill powers which is the technical term for the space one ounce of down occupies in cubic inches. The higher the fill power, the better the clusters are at trapping air and keeping you warm. Higher fill power also gives you more warmth with a lighter weight comforter. These down comforters are sold in two fill powers: 700 fill and 800 fill. 80% Pure Hungarian Goose Down and 20% Syriaca Clusters. The 80% of down in the 800 fill comforter contains 95% large plumule down clusters and only 5% of down plumule pieces. The 80% of down in the 700 fill comforter contains 85% large plumule down clusters and 15% of down plumule pieces. The down and syriaca in these comforters is the cleanest, least treated fibers we could find anywhere.The down is de-dusted and gently washed up to 8 times in an environmentally friendly cleansing solution and rinsed three times. This cleaning process and renders the down pH neutral. These are the most hypoallergenic down comforters we could find - due to the quality of materials used, cleaning process and the addition of the natural syriaca clusters.


The pure and innovative blend of Hypodown and syriaca clusters have been tested by allergy doctors and guaranteed to be allergy-free. The Hypodown blend wicks moisture away from your body 30% faster than down alone, and 70% quicker than synthetics so you do not feel damp and clammy throughout the night. In addition to the health and comfort benefits, the comforters are edged with satin piping and stitched with a simple yet elegant 12 inch square baffled box design to add a classy and elegant appearance to your bedroom. The fabric is made from 300 thread count unbleached, undyed and chemical free long staple cotton to create that silky smooth feeling. The high thread count also provides a stronger barrier to any of the fill escaping from the comforter. Each size of comforter is available in a variety of weights so you can choose the perfect ambience and comfort during your nights sleep.

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The Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - Queen is only one of our comforters. You can view other models around $1000000000 with excellent rating on all comforters. This page features some of our comforters inlcuding Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - Queen, Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - Twin, Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - Full and Monarch Hypodown 700 Fill Down Comforters - King.