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Our Mission Statement

GreenandMore.com's mission is to support the needs of an environmentally conscious community by offering information to educate and inspire people how to live a greener life, and offer authentic eco-friendly products to help minimize their impact on the planet without compromising on quality and style. Alongside this mission is the desire to affect positive environmental change by passing along charity from our customers to environmental organizations of their choice.

About Our Green Products

For those who are concerned about the environment but don't have a lot of time, we strive to offer truly green products which are leaving a smaller carbon footprint. As part of our initial screening process, we ask the manufacturers to reveal the environmental impacts of a product from manufacturing to use to disposal. These products can be made from recycled or chemical free materials (everything from milk jugs to rubber tires), and are often manufactured using energy efficient or fair trade practices. In the end, we want to make it easy for people to find and use modern, stylish, efficient and eco-friendly products in their everyday lives. We believe the information and products we find speak for themselves.

Our Values “And More”

The “and more” in GreenandMore.com's name has a variety of meanings. First, we feel that it reflects our product offerings in items created using fair trade practices. We also have many products designed to clean air and water, which help filter out the increasing pollutants in our environment in order to live a healthier lifestyle. In addition, our company is committed to green practices, and as an example, the servers which are powering this web site were selected for their energy efficiency.

Green History

GreenandMore.com is a division of Boston Green Goods Inc., located in Waltham, Massachusetts. Boston Green Goods owns a portfolio of healthy living catalog and internet web properties, and has a full-time staff of 35 employees in addition to warehouses on both the east and west coast. Some of our senior managers have been involved in environmentally conscious practices for over 30 years. GreenandMore.com is the online rebirth of a company called Energy Efficiency Corporation co-founded in 1973 by our CEO, Mercia Tapping. The original company’s mission was to create energy efficiencies by consulting to large corporations. In addition, Tapping was raised in a European eco-conscious tradition and fondly remembers her family home in the early 1960s with 3 large solar panels on the roof.