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Outdoor living - whether it's in the lounging in the backyard or hiking in the wilderness - can be a past time enjoyed by generations to come if we help preserve it now. GreenandMore.com offers you a wide selection of eco-conscious camping supplies, outdoor lighting, patio furniture, and more that utilize less energy and recycled materials for earth's sake.

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Camping Supplies
  • Camping
  • Preserve the wilderness while enjoying it with green camping products such as wind up flashlights and radios, rechargeable lanterns and more in the great outdoors
Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • We have the best in energy efficient, long lasting lighting for the porch, patio, garden, shed, walkway & driveway.
Patio Furniture
  • Patio Furniture
  • The chair above is made from recycled milk jugs. Reduce landfill waste, support recycling programs, and enjoy the outdoors.
Patio Furniture Covers
Outdoor Decorations
  • Outdoor Decoration
  • Express your earth-friendly nature outside your home too. LED lanterns and lights to charm your guests. They last thousands of hours.
Home Weather Stations
  • Home Weather Stations
  • The Professional Home Weather Station gives a variety of information. It can even calculate rainfall and wind speed as well as predict weather.