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Penguin Soda Makers

Penguin Soda Makers

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Penguin Soda Makers

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Includes 1 60-liter carbonator and 2 dishwasher-safe glass carafes and 2 hermetic-seal bottle caps.

Why Green

    • Helps reduce yearly household recycling volume
    • No electricity or batteries required

Expert Rating:


Enjoy delicious, freshly-made soda pop and seltzer water at home using these eye catching home soda making machines. Our Penguin Soda Makers allows you to serve your sparkling beverages in elegant, dishwasher-safe glass carafes. Your family will enjoy creating fresh, great tasting soda or seltzer with the flavoring kits (included with purchase), plus you save money, compared to store bought soda. There are environmental benefits to purchasing an at-home soda maker, as well. An average family of four in the United States consumes over 200 liters of carbonated drinks per year. That's about 2500 soda containers that may get recycled - which still takes resources to process - or worse, the bottles may end up in landfills. However, if you have an at-home soda maker, then you can enjoy delicious, home made, natural seltzer water and soda pop as you do your part in helping the environment, without any compromise.


  • Includes:
    • The Penguin home soda maker
    • 1 60-liter licensed carbonator
    • 2 elegant, dishwasher-safe glass carafes
    • 2 hermetic seal bottle caps
  • Cost efficient: By making your own seltzer at home with the soda machine, the costs per liter starts at just 18 cents; store bought seltzer costs, at minimum, 42 cents per liter. Think of the savings.
  • Earth Friendly: Fewer recyclables and disposable bottles going to landfills
  • No electricity or batteries to operate
  • Healthy: Regular flavors have 2/3 less sugar, carbs and calories than store bought soda; Diet flavors are sweetened with Splenda and contain no aspartame
  • Safe for children: Operates without batteries or electricity
  • Glass carafes: are dishwasher-safe and specially designed to be used with Penguin models. Carafe holds 620ml and comes with a fizz-preserving closure
  • Bottle's cap have a special hermetic seal that keeps soda from going flat
  • Makes soda in less than a minute
  • Dimensions: 17.5"H x 4.7"W x 9.4"D
  • Weight: 5.04 lbs without carbonator and bottle attached
  • 2-year warranty

How it Works

1. Fill the carbonating bottle with very cold water. Do not add sodamix yet! Sodamix is added only after the water is carbonated.
2. Press the lever and twist the carbonating bottle into your soda maker.
3. Press the carbonating button all the way down in short, firm bursts and release. You will hear a "hissing" sound. Repeat several times until you hear a LOUD BUZZ. 3 loud buzzes provide average carbonation.
4. Tilt the bottle and very slowly add some sodamix flavor. Close the bottle tightly, shake well and allow to settle. Enjoy!

Alco2Jet Carbonators (refill information for canisters and flavors will be included in the soda maker box): Made from modern, lightweight aluminum to the highest US safety standards, carbonators transform water into refreshing seltzer. Enjoy a glass of seltzer ... or add your favorite sodamix syrup to make one of over 25 delicious flavors.
The soda makers use renewable power - an exchangeable Alco2Jet Carbonator. When empty, the carbonators should be returned to the manufacturer to be cleaned, inspected and refilled with food grade CO2 drawn naturally from the air.
Does not require electricity or batteries to operate
Reusable Carbonating Bottles: Includes two reusable glass carafes. With Soda-Club you'll be helping the environment by saving on waste or recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Each bottle also comes with a special cap with a hermetic seal that keeps your soda carbonated long after you first open it. No more throwing away flat soda. These carbonating bottles are recyclable and toxin-free.


Expert Review

When it comes to making soda at home, in your RV or boat, the Penguin is the top of the line, amidst the Pure, the Genesis and the Fountain Jet home soda fountains. The Penguin exhibits a stately design that will look right at home in any designer, stainless steel kitchen. The Penguin will empower you to stop buying store bought soda, reduce your recycling levels and help you save some money while you are at it. The Penguin’s glass carafes hold about two servings per and are used for both making and serving the soda or seltzer.


The green factor of the Penguin soda maker is simple, obvious and actually makes sense. Once you start making seltzer or soda at home, there is no need to purchase store bought brands anymore. This means there are no bottles to recycle.
Using the Penguins soda maker is pretty straight forward. Fill the glass carafe to the fill line, place it in the machine and lock in place and then push down the lever about three times. Remove the carafe and enjoy sparkling water or add soda syrup for your fresh soda. The bottle cap holds in the fizz.
The construction of the Penguin is of very good quality. We have had one in the office for testing, demos, company parties for about three years and the unit has had no problems whatsoever. The Penguin is designed to look good in a designer kitchen and it will. The primary design difference between the Penguin and other models is that you cannot see the bottle as it is being carbonated but we have found no pros or cons related to this.
The 2-year warranty is good for a product like the Penguin. There are not a lot of moving parts so unless there is a manufacturer defect which would be determined out of the box, you should not experience any problems. The manufacturer is easy to deal with and puts customer satisfaction first.
To replace your carbonating bottle, soda mixes or order additional supplies, simply call the 800 number printed on the bottle. Average cost for a family of four per year: $30 to $50, depending on amount of soda consumed.
Overall value for price is a bit subjective when it comes to the Penguin. You will not need to buy store soda, you will save money, the convenience factor is high but you can get all of that from one of the lower end, more affordable models. Ultimately, you are paying more for a better looking unit that uses glass carafes instead of plastic bottles.


The design of the Penguin prevents you from seeing the bottle during carbonation. Some people want to look at how much carbonation they are infusing into the water.
The glass carafes look nicer for serving but hold a bit less seltzer/ soda than their plastic bottle counterparts.

Technical Specifications

Penguin Soda Makers
Carbonator Each carbonator makes 60 liters of soda or seltzer
Bottles Glass carafe
Dimensions 17.5"H x 4.7"W x 9.4"D
Weight 5 lbs.
Power Source Self powered, no electirc, no batteries

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