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December 28, 2007

WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS – This year, the New Year’s Resolution to go green is likely to be high on many people’s lists. Many have good intentions, but find themselves too busy to fulfill their resolutions. GreenandMore.com - an eco-friendly home, health and lifestyle products company - recommends a list of products that will make it easier for everyone to fulfill their resolutions, whether it’s to conserve water, save energy, lower electric bills, or reduce waste in the coming year.

"Perhaps you have already started to go green but like all of us you could do better? With all these innovative green products, we bet you will find something that will help you reduce your footprint in the coming year," says President, Mercia Tapping.

Resolution #1: Conserve Water

Turn on the shower and, once the water is warm, some energy-saving showerheads automatically enter trickle mode. Anyone can brush their teeth or shave while their shower is warming. No more guilt about wasting water.

Product Recommendation:
GreenandMore.com Showerheads - Preheat the Shower Water with Water Saving Shower Heads
$69.95 and up
Link for more details: http://www.greenandmore.com/eco-friendly-rain-spray-showerheads.html?itemId=846&navContext=ln_water

Resolution #2: Save Energy & Lower Electric Bill

People love using Full Spectrum Lights because of a balance of natural light for a clearer view. But, everyone is told they should buy compact fluorescent bulbs for energy savings, but fear that would be a step backwards in light quality. Verilux light bulbs last 10,000 hours and use a fraction of the electricity of a regular light bulb.

Product Recommendation:
Verilux - Energy Saving Light Bulbs That Are Compact Fluorescent AND Full Spectrum
Global Cooling Compact Fluorescent Spiral Bulbs - 13W, 18W, 26W
$39.95 and up
Link for more details: http://www.greenandmore.com/verilux-global-cooling-light-bulbs.html?itemId=802&navContext=ln_energy_saving&landingId=l_e4

Resolution #3: Reduce Waste – Toxic and Plastics

For anyone in need of a bright lantern on the deck, a light for camping or an emergency light for power outages, the ultra bright Indigo LED Lantern illuminates for up to 100,000 hours. It can recharge without batteries from an ac/dc adaptor or one can hand crank it and live off the grid.

Product Recommendation:
Indigo Ultrabright LED Lanterns (Wind-up and Rechargeable) for the Deck, Camping and Emergencies – End Battery Waste!
Link for more details: http://www.greenandmore.com/greenandmore-indigo-wind-up-hand-crank-lanterns.html?itemId=277&navContext=ln_energy_saving&landingId=l_e5

View more resolutions and product recommendations on all products recommended to help green up New Years Resolutions: http://www.greenandmore.com/green-new-years-resolutions.html

About GreenandMore.com:

GreenandMore.com’s mission is to support the needs of an eco-conscious community by offering an online eco friendly products shop that offers quality and style, environmental information and news, and ways to support green charities. They hope to educate and inspire everyone to minimize their impact on the planet, and strive to set an example to others by following green standards in their day to day business practices.

GreenandMore.com is a division of Boston Green Goods Inc., located in Waltham, Massachusetts. Boston Green Goods owns a portfolio of healthy living catalog and internet web properties, and has a full-time staff of 35 employees in addition to warehouses on both the east and west coast. Some of our senior managers have been involved in environmentally conscious practices for over 30 years. GreenandMore.com is the online rebirth of a company called Energy Efficiency Corporation co-founded in 1973 by our CEO, Mercia Tapping. The original company’s mission was to create energy efficiencies by consulting to large corporations.

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