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Rechargeable LED Atmospheric Table Lighting

Rechargeable LED Atmosphere Lights

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Rechargeable LED Atmosphere Lights

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Use these wonderful rechargeable lights to illuminate a party, display as a unique and warm decoration or as a night light. Set of 5 lights come in green, blue, red and amber colors.

Why Green

  • Reduces the use of non-renewable resources
  • Utilizes LED lights
  • Smart charger prevents overcharging and wasted electricity

Expert Rating:


Our Rechargeable Atmosphere Lights will certainly create a unique atmosphere during outdoor gatherings, holidays or when being used an attractive decoration for your patio, pool area or dining room. Each light features a versatile clear hanger which allows you to hang and display in a variety of ways. All lights charge on a stylish base cradle and will emit a warm glow to a room for up to 8 – 10 hours after fully charged. Set of 3 lights come in an inviting green, blue and red color while the set of 5 lights include additional amber and white colors.


  • Stylish base for charging
  • Smart charger indicates when lights are fully charged
  • Includes versatile clear hangers which allows the light to be used in numerous ways
  • Can be in operation while charging
  • Includes rechargeable Ni-Mh AAA battery


Technical Specifications

Set of 5 Rechargeable LED Atmosphere Lights
Lamp Color Red, green, blue, amber and white
Type of bulb 5 Super Bright Leds
Volts 2.4V/800MA
Power source UL or GS approval adaptor
Rechargeable Battery Ni-Mh AAA size
Charging capacity 3 Hours


We enjoy these wonderful rechargeable lights because of the endless ways they can be displayed. The nice warm glow the lights release is perfect for outdoor gatherings, as a night light in a child’s room or as a centerpiece during the holidays. Each light saves energy and money by being charged with a smart charger which indicates when lights are fully charged. No need to find outlets, run extension cords and use up electricity to run properly. We are happy to know that each set includes environmentally friendly and rechargeable Ni-Mh AAA batteries which will help reduce the amount of heavy metals that enter into our water and food chain.

Make Selections

The Rechargeable LED Atmosphere Lights is only one of our decorative lights. You can view other models around $1000000000 with very good rating on all decorative lights. This page features one of our decorative lights - the Rechargeable LED Atmosphere Lights.