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Adjustable Push Reel Lawn Mowers

Premium Reel Lawn Mower

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Premium Reel Lawn Mower


Availability: Ships in 2-3 days

Plus $50.00 freight charge*
Item #: PD-GA REEL

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This Reel Lawn Mower is a cylinder lawn mower that's quiet, environmentally friendly, easy-to-use and delivers a high quality cut for your lawn.

Why Green

    • Does not require gas or electricity
    • Produces zero emissions

    Expert Rating:


This Reel Lawn Mower gives you the best of both worlds, a quiet and environmentally friendly mower as well as a higher quality cut for your lawn. Your neighbors may laugh when they see you taking th Reel Lawn Mower out of your shed but their smiles will turn to envy when they see you smiling as you easily and quietly mow your lawn. When they see the results their envy will grow and soon you'll be getting questions about where you got your new lawn mower.


  • 18 inch mowing width takes WIDE cuts, which means LESS WORK
  • Large 9-inch semi-pneumatic tires for EASY rolling across your lawn
  • Six-blade design allows easy pushing and fine manicured cut
  • Precision ground reel and cutter bar for highest quality cut
  • Serviceable austempered (special treatment process for better performance) reel for long life and durability
  • Rounded roller ends prevent lawn grooving
  • Rigid cast iron cutting bar for uniform cut
  • Sturdy 12 gauge steel frame for LONG LIFE
  • 40 pounds of "ground holding" steel and iron eliminates bouncing
  • Adjustable cut .5" to 2.25" allows a CUSTOM CUT for your lawn


For best operation, we recommend this mower be serviced annually (sharpening and lubrication).

How it Works

Reel lawn mowers are ideal for small lawns with no trees. They are also an ideal accessory for those who have larger lawns with hard to reach spots that a tractor cannot reach.

Product Usage

Today's modern reel mowers have come a long way since those your father or grand father used. They are now easy to push and highly maneuverable. The cut of a reel mower is superior to that of a rotary mower which tears at the grass, chopping off the tops of blades and leaving them vulnerable to disease. Reel mowers cut the grass precisely, a clean cut that makes for a healthier lawn.



This push reel mower (cylinder lawn mower) has 6 blades for a fine manicured cut. Because there are more blades to do the cutting, the mower cuts through your lawn with less effort than four or five blade models. This mower is made of high quality 12-gauge steel that will last for a lifetime. So stop using that loud, carbon-emitting machine and try the enhanced, eco-friendly, modern version of what your family used back in the day.

Make Selections

Premium Reel Lawn Mower

Plus $50.00 freight charge
Item #: PD-GA REEL

  • 18 inch mowing width
  • Large 9-inch semi-pneumatic tires
  • Six-blade design
  • Precision ground reel and cutter bar
  • Serviceable austempered reel
  • Rounded roller ends
  • Rigid cast iron cutting bar
  • Sturdy 12 gauge steel frame
  • Adjustable cut .5" to 2.25"

Availability: Ships in 2-3 days

Sharpening Kit for Reel Mowers

Shipping Costs*
Item #: PW-GA SHKT

    Sharpening Kit includes:
    • 1 reel chuck
    • 1 jar of grinding compound and application brush
    • 1 instructional video and instructions.

Availability: Ships in 2 - 3 days.

Rubbing Compound

Shipping Costs*
Item #: PW-GA RCMP

  • Supply of 80 grit reel grinding compound for sharpening

Availability: Ships out in 2-3 days
The Premium Reel Lawn Mower is only one of our lawn mowers. You can view other models around $229.99 with very good plus rating on all lawn mowers. This page features one of our lawn mowers - the Premium Reel Lawn Mower.