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Chlorine Shower Filters by Rio Vita

Rio Vita Chlorine Shower Filters

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Rio Vita Chlorine Shower Filters

This item is not currently available.

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You filter water before you drink it, so shouldn't you filter water before you clean with it? The Rio Vita removes chorline & other toxins to provide you with a healthy shower.

Why Green

  • Eradicates chlorine from your water
  • Shut-off valve allows you to reduce the amount of water being used

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The Rio Vita Shower filter is currently unavailable at this time. Please see our line of shower filters for an alternative. Ria Vita replacement filters are available.

At last, a shower filter that tells you when to replace the cartridge! A great addition that attaches to any standard or hand-held showerhead, the Rio Vita shower filter effectively removes up to 97% of harmful chlorine from your shower water. This filter helps relieve dry skin and hair, but more importantly, it reduces the absorption and inhalation of harmful toxins. It also has a shut off valve to reduce water usage or to stop the water flow completely without altering the hot and cold water pressure mix.


  • Patented 100% KDF-55 filter media: removes up to 97% of harmful chlorine
  • LED filter cartridge change indicator: notifies you when the cartridge needs to be replaced (Green = new, Yellow = change soon & Red = time to change cartridge)
  • Shut-off Valve: allows the user to reduce or shut-off the water flow without changing the hot/cold water mix
  • Fits all shower heads, even hand helds
  • Relieves dry, flaking skin, red, irritated eyes, dandruff and/ or brittle hair by
  • Unique Design increases headroom in the shower
  • Reduces fade time for dyed hair
  • Color: white


Filter cartridges have a life of 6 months or 10,000 gallons. The cartridge will indicate that it needs replacing once it the LED turns red.


Technical Specifications

Rio Vita Chlorine Shower Filter with 1 Year of Filtration (set of 2 cartridges)
KDF 14 ½ oz
Recommended Flow 2.5 gpm
Maximum Capacity 10,000 gallons
Dimensions 5" D x 6.25" H


1 year warranty


The Rio Vita shower filter easily attaches to any standard or hand-held shower head to remove 97% of harmful chlorine. This package includes the shower filter kit with 2 replacement cartridges for 1 year or 20,000 gallons of filtration. Filters should be replaced every 6 months or 10,000 gallons when the indicator turns red.
Please note: The shower head is not included.

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The Rio Vita Chlorine Shower Filters is only one of our shower filters. See how the Rio Vita Chlorine Shower Filters compares to other models in our shower filters comparison. You can view other models around $1000000000 with very good plus rating on all shower filters. This page features one of our shower filters - the Rio Vita Chlorine Shower Filters.