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Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifiers

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifiers
Santa Fe Classic Whole Basement Dehumidifiers

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Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifiers

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Energy Star rated whole basement dehumidifier which operates down to 53°F and removes large quantities of excess moisture for areas up to 2,500 square feet.

Why Green

  • Energy star rated
  • Best pint removal per killowatt used = less energy used

Expert Rating:


Now you can replace your old, inefficient dehumidifier with our Energy Star rated Santa Fe Classic Whole Basement Dehumidifiers. The Santa Fe Classic is an energy efficient way to remove large quantities of water and prevent mold, mildew and damp musty odors in your basement or living space. These dehumidifiers meet EPA government standards and remove two to three times more water for the same cost as operating typical residential dehumidifiers. The Classic model removes up to 110 pints per day while continuing to operate down to low temperatures. This offers you the ability to dehumidify an entire basement without the need of purchasing several machines and emptying messy buckets. So help keep your home and wallet green with our line of Santa Fe energy efficient dehumidifiers! We offer an array of accessories to tackle the most challenging applications. Covers areas up to 2500 square feet.


  • Water removal capacity: 110 pints/day
  • Large Dehumidification area: Powerful enough to handle whole basements up to 2500 sq. ft.
  • Energy Star rated: Meets EPA government standards to earn Energy Star rating of 3 liters per kilowatt hour. Uses only 6.4 amps of electricity offering as much as $275 per year in energy savings as compared to the conventional dehumidifier. More pints of water per kilowatt of electricity means lower cost of operation.
  • Uses R410a refrigerant: Has lower toxicity, does not contain chlorine, and has no ozone depletion potential. EPA recommended replacement for R-22
  • Lower temperature operation: These have a high quality built-in defrost system designed for operation in cooler environments down to 53°F
  • Adjustable humidistat: Variable 20% to 80% RH suitable for variable environment and cycles off and on automatically
  • Contains 2 filters: A foam pre-filter which can be vacuumed or hand washed, and a pleated fabric filter which can be vacuumed clean as well
  • Automatic anti frost sensor: Prevents frost build up on internal coils
  • Contains a blower switch: Permits continuous blower operation independent of dehumidification
  • Condensate pump with tubing: Santa Fe has a Condensate Pump Kit sold separately below
  • Gravity flow water drain: For condensate drainage
  • Made in USA
  • Options for accommodating multiple rooms in a basement: The following items are sold separately for use with the Santa Fe Whole Basement Dehumidifier to accommodate multiple rooms (these can only be used with the whole basement unit):


  • Santa Fe Classic 2-Year Replacement Filter Package: contains 4 MERV 11 filters (replace every 6 months) and 1 foam pre-filter (replace every 2 years)
  • Santa Fe Condensate Pump Kit This kit can be mounted on the Santa Fe Whole Basement dehumidifier or can be placed on the floor. Note: The pump kit may not be mounted on the whole basement unit if the optional supply collar or muffler kit is mounted on the machine.
  • 5 Gallon Bucket Charcoal/Permanganate: For odor control. Approximately 1 inch of the Charcoal/Permanganate mixture is added to the standard (pleated) replacement filter, which is located underneath the foam pre-filter. The black mixture should be replaced once it turns a light gray color.
  • Santa Fe Classic Duct Kit: The duct kit includes a lid with a 6" and 8" round collar that sits on top of the filters. It also includes an additional 8" round collar that can be used to duct the supply air or reduce the noise level. Note: Accessories including duct hose are not included.
  • Santa Fe Sound Muffler Kit: This piece attaches to where the dry air flows out. Note: It cannot be used with the optional supply collar.
  • Santa Fe Remote Dehumidistat: Recommended when the dehumidifier is located in a remote location and the air is ducted in from another room. It is to be used with the duct kit on the Santa Fe Classic and Advance Dehumidifier to control the humidity in the room you want to dry. Note: This item is line voltage and requires installation by a licensed electrician.


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Technical Specifications

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifiers
Santa Fe Classic Whole Basement Dehumidifiers
Coverage Area up to 2500 sq ft
Water Removal Capacity 110 pints (pints per day set at 80F, 60%RH)
Energy Factor (L/kWh) 3
Pints/ kWh 6.4
Operating Temperature Range 53°F to 105°F
Bucket Capacity N/A - No buckets to empty
CFM 275 cfm
Drain Hose Included Yes
Power Supply 720 watts, 110v, 6.4 amps, 60hz
Refrigerant Type R410a
Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 36"H x20"W x17"D
Warranty 1 yr parts/labor. 5 yrs condenser, evaporator, compressor


The Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier meets EPA government standards and produces nearly 3 liters per kilowatt hour (and requires a relatively low 6.4 amps to operate).


Dehumidifiers are known to use a lot of energy while in use and therefore show a noticeable increase on your electric bill. We are pleased to offer our line of Santa Fe dehumidifiers that are energy efficient, durable and powerful when removing large amounts of moisture in your home. Energy Star qualified dehumidifiers use 10-20% less energy and are constructed of more efficient compressors, fans and refrigeration coils as compared to conventional models.

The energy efficiency of dehumidifiers is also measured by its energy factor, in liters of water removed per kilowatt-hour (L/kWh) of energy consumed. In general, a higher energy factor means a more efficient dehumidifier. The Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier meets EPA government standards and produces nearly 3 liters per kilowatt hour (and requires a relatively low 6.4 amps to operate).

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The Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifiers is only one of our dehumidifiers. You can view other models around $1000000000 with excellent rating on all dehumidifiers. This page features one of our dehumidifiers - the Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifiers.