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SEBO K2 Blue Canister Vacuums

Sebo K2 Midnight Blue Vacuum Cleaner - Combination Floor Tool

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Sebo K2 Midnight Blue Vacuum Cleaner - Combination Floor Tool

$489.00 $399.00

Availability: Ships in 2 days

Item #: SE-VA K2MB

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Compact, lightweight vacuum with straight suction combination nozzle. Includes S-Class filtration and on-board tools.

Why Green

  • Durable, will last for years
  • Combo nozzle uses no extra electricity
  • Sebo is a model green manufacturer

Expert Rating:


This little SEBO canister vacuum is great all purpose vacuum for apartments and condos or to use as a second vacuum cleaner. It offers quick and easy cleaning of both bare floors and thin carpets or rugs. The powerful combination floor nozzle is easy to use with seamless transitions between floor types. Despite its compact size, this vacuum still has many of the features available with the full-sized SEBO canister vacuums. It has 3 neatly stored on-board tools, easy to use controls and suction adjustment, quick release tool change, telescopic wand, and air-belt bumper guard system. It is safe for those who suffer from allergies or asthma thanks to its quality 3 stage, S-class filtration system. If you have delicate hardwood or tiled flooring, we suggest adding the optional parquet floor brush for a gentler touch. Includes SEBO's 30 day test drive and 5 yr warranty on parts, labor and motor.

30-day Test Drive: try any SEBO vacuum for 30 days and if you don't love it you can return it to SEBO for a full refund*. SEBO will even pay for the return shipping!


  • Light and compact: making it easy to operate and store
  • Powerful performance: Combination nozzle offers straight suction and easy transitions between floor types
  • Quiet operation
  • Durability: SEBO canisters are German-made for quality and built to last
  • Full-sized on-board tools: crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle stored on canister, dusting brush is held on the wand
  • Rubber coated wheels: prevent damage to floors and rotate 360° for easy maneuverability
  • Quick-release tools: for easy changing
  • Large control switches: for power, suction adjustment and cord retractor
  • High-quality telescopic wand: provides convenient handle-height adjustment for comfortable operation
  • Large operating range: 26 ft. radius


Expert Review

The SEBO K2 canister vacuum cleaner is a great vacuum for those with mostly bare floors and thin carpets or rugs. It would be a ideal choice for an apartment, condo or boat house with its compact size, easy storage, quiet operation and ability to clean both bare floors and thin carpets/rugs without having to change the floor tool. It would not be the best choice if you have lots of thick carpeting. We recommend the addition of the parquet floor brush if you have delicate bare flooring. This vacuum is German-made and is a good representation of SEBO's top-notch engineering, durability, and quality filtration system. It is very easy to use and operate with 360° rotating wheels, telescopic wand, large button controls, and neatly stored on-board accessory tools.

Technical Specifications

Sebo K2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Combination Nozzle
Finish - Color Midnight Blue
Vacuum Cleaner hood material ABS Plastic
Power supply of vacuums 1250 watts, 12 amps max, 10.6 amps average
Airflow (cfm - cubic feet per minute) 120 cfm
Included Standard Floor tool(s) Combination carpet/floor nozzle
Optional Brushes Parquet Floor Brush
Included standard vacuum filter 3 stage, S-Class filtration (meets HEPA standards), hospital-grade microfilter, mico-exhaust filter
Included onboard tools Crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, and dust brush
Vacuum bag capacity 0.8 gallons (3-layer filter vacuum bag)
Optional accessories (available for purchase below) 2 piece Attachment set (20" straight tube and 9.2 ft extension hose) and handheld turbo brush
Suction of Vacuum Cleaner (waterlift) 110 in. of water
Auto-reverse cable rewind Yes
Power cord length 15 ft.
Noise reduction / Decibel Range 63 decibels
Vacuum Dimensions 16.1"L x 12.9"W x 9.4"H
Weight of vacuum 12.1 lbs (just canister)


  • Extremely Durable: having one of the lowest return rates in the industry, SEBO manufactures extremely reliable and durable vacuums that some have reported last as long as 10 to 20 years. (GreenandMore.com does not warranty products for this length of time; however, we wanted to give you this information.)
  • Green Manufacturing: SEBO is committed to a better environment in the following ways:
    • using recycled plastic for internal parts
    • storing roof water runoff for factory use
    • generating own electricity in factory
    • pumping hot air from the generator room into the warehouse to keep the temperature stable.

    • Manufactured in Germany, using locally sourced materials and components, which already ensures a smaller carbon footprint than products imported from the Far East, every SEBO vacuum cleaner is made to last. This not only reduces waste and uses less resources, it even saves customers money. What is really impressive is the lengths the company will go to ensure every single element of a vacuum’s construction makes minimal impact on the environment. Not only is plastic recycled into new components, but the factory is completely self-sustaining with regards to electricity – and even makes contributions to the national grid when supply exceeds demand. A combined heat and power system recovers virtually 100% of its primary energy source; as well as producing the electricity required to run machinery, the warm air created by its generator is used to heat the warehouse while engine coolant is pumped through the office radiators.

    • Water resources are also conserved at the SEBO factory. Rain water (aka brown water) is collected from the roof, then filtered and stored to be used in production and within the factory washrooms, saving the unnecessary use of treated drinking water. The factory and offices are designed to use natural light as much as possible, avoiding artificial lighting and the associated power consumption and working hours are scheduled to make use of daylight hours. This also creates a much better working environment. SEBO have a highly skilled and dedicated workforce and the management of SEBO are very aware of their social responsibility and the huge contribution the commitment and health of their staff make to the quality of SEBO products.

    • For SEBO, reducing the carbon footprint of a product starts in the initial design process. Part of the design brief is to ensure that they will pack into the smallest possible cartons and that the carton sizes ensure that the maximum number of machines will fit onto a pallet. Most packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard with waste paper from the offices being shredded and re-used for packing. Even deliveries are carefully planned to ensure lorries are filled to their maximum capacity and are running as economically as possible. “SEBO is at the very forefront of environmental technology and we are making continuous improvements to ensure we stay that way. Anyone who owns a SEBO vacuum can rest assured that it has been produced and delivered in the most environmentally responsible way possible and that it is built to last,” says Justin Binks, director of SEBO (UK) Ltd.


Warranty: 5 year warranty on non-wear parts, motor and labor. If under warranty, SEBO will pay to pick it up, repair it, and return it for no charge.

*30 Day Test Drive Details: A full refund will be issued for the vacuum returned timely and in good condition. SEBO America may assess restocking fees of 10% to 40% of the Retail Price when the machine appears to have been used harshly or in commercial environments. Normal 30-day wear is acceptable for a full refund (wear is evaluated within the context of household use only).


Innovation shows in every aspect of the design of the K2 canister vacuum cleaners from the air-belt bumper system to the clever tool storage and easy bag change. These vacuums offer durability, power, and performance in a compact design. Lightweight and easy to use, the K2 canister vacuum cleaners feature a combination nozzle that allows seamless transitions from bare floors to thin carpets or rugs without needing a brush change. It would make a great all-purpose vacuum for an apartment or condo. We would not recommend it if you need deep cleaning of wall-to-wall carpeting. If you have delicate hardwood or tiled flooring we recommend purchasing the optional parquet floor brush.

Make Selections

Sebo K2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Combination Nozzle


Item #: SE-VA K2MB

  • Ultra compact, lightweight design
  • Includes combination nozzle and three on-board accessory tools
  • Ideal for bare floors and thin carpets or rugs

Availability: Ships in 2 days

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner K Series Service Box (8 bags, 2 filters)

Shipping Costs*
Item #: SE-VA KSB

  • 8 vacuum bags
  • 2 filters
  • For the K series vacuums by Sebo

Availability: In stock

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners K Series Filter Set (1 microfilter, 1 exhaust filter)

Shipping Costs*
Item #: SE-VA KFS

  • 1 microfilter
  • 1 exhaust filter
  • For Sebo K series vacuum cleaners

Availability: In stock

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner K Series Filter Bags (8 pack)

Shipping Costs*
Item #: SE-VA KFBB

  • 8 Sebo vacuum bags
  • Sebo K2 and K3 canister vacuums

Availability: In stock
Sebo Parquet Floor Brush

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Parquet Brush (dark gray)

Shipping Costs*

  • Floor brush attachment for Sebo K2 vacuum cleaners
  • Or replacement brush for Sebo K3 vacuums
  • Gentle for hardwood floors, tile and vinyl

  • Availability: In stock

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner 2 Piece Attachment Set

Shipping Costs*
Item #: SE-VA ASCK

  • Designed for SEBO C and K series vacuums
  • Includes: Straight tube (20" wand) and Extension hose (9.2 ft.)
  • Great for extended reach cleaning including stairs, furniture, drapery, and cars.

Availability: In stock
Seb C Series Hand-held Turbo Brush

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Turbo Brush

Shipping Costs*
Item #: SE-VA TBDG

  • Small Air-driven rotating brush
  • Great for cleaning stairs and cars

Availability: In stock
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