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MyWater Seltzer and Sparkling Water Flavors

Seltzer Water Flavor 6-Packs

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Seltzer Water Flavor 6-Packs

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All-natural MyWater flavor essences for our home soda makers are unsweetened, sodium-free and calorie-free.

Why Green

  • All-natural flavorings
  • Sodium-free
  • Zero Calories

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Whether you call it soda, seltzer, club soda, Italian soda or sparkling water, using the MyWater flavors will turn tap water into the most delicious sparkling water. You can make seltzer as fizzy and as sweet as you like it with all-natural, unsweetened flavors. And since these seltzer flavors are sodium free, contain no added sugar and zero calories, they are better for you. Add a drop of all-natural, unsweetened MyWater flavor essences for a whisper of refreshing flavor. You'll have a great-tasting, fresh beverage that your family and friends can enjoy anytime.


  • MyWater is unsweetened and an all-natural flavor essence for making lightly flavored seltzer or sparkling water
  • Healthy: Sodium-Free, No Added-sugar, Zero Calories
  • Simply add a drop of MyWater essence to sparkling water for a splash of fruity flavor
  • Each 40ml bottle makes around 20 liters of flavored sparkling water and comes in a pack of six for making a total of approximately 120 liters of refreshing fruit flavored seltzer
  • The MyWater flavoring is kosher under the supervision of the Orthodox Union
  • Available Flavors:
    • Variety 6-Pack includes:
      (2) Berry 40ml bottles;
      (2) Lemon-lime 40ml bottles;
      (2) Orange 40ml bottles
  • Ingredients: All natural flavors (specific ingredients vary by flavor)


Add a drop of MyWater essence to sparkling water for a splash of fruity flavor. MyWater is an unsweetened essence that makes around 20 liters of flavored sparkling water per 40 ml bottle.



These MyWater essence flavors are a delicious way to enhance your seltzer or sparkling water drinks. Each flavor provides a wonderful splash of fruity goodness! You simply make your carbonated seltzer, add one drop of the MyWater essence to the bottle and enjoy. Best of all, this drink is guilt free as there is no sugar, calories or sodium in a liter of MyWater seltzer!

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The Seltzer Water Flavor 6-Packs is only one of our soda makers. You can view other models around $1000000000 with excellent rating on all soda makers. This page features one of our soda makers - the Seltzer Water Flavor 6-Packs.