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Solar Shed Lights

Solar Charged Shed LED Light System

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Solar Charged Shed LED Light System

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Light up your shed, greenhouse or garage without the need of running costly electrical wires with this solar charged shed light. Uses 24 super bright LEDs.

Why Green

  • Utilizes Renewable energy via solar panels
  • Reduces the use of non-renewable resources
  • Rechargeable batteries included

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Save money and energy with our solar charged shed light system to instantly light up your shed, greenhouse or garage. No fussy electrical wires are required to install. Just secure the solar panel on the side of the building and light inside and let the sun do all of the work! 24 super bright LEDs are powered by a powerful crystal solar panel to provide up to 4 hours of essential light while performing chores. This easy-to-install solar panel can be fixed on any exterior wall constructed of all types of material including metal, wood or plastic.


  • No outside electrical wiring needed
  • Compass for easy solar panel adjustment
  • Built in night light to find switch easily
  • No electrical wiring needed
  • Cord from solar collector to light: 10 feet
  • Type of battery: 4xAA 1.2V 1.200mA rechargeable battery
  • Power of solar panel: 3 watt at full sun
  • Lamp type: 24 Super bright LEDs
  • Power source: Super efficient monocrystal Solar panel
  • Light duration for up to 4 hours


Place the solar module in a position where it can get direct sunlight on the solar panel free from obstructions and shade. Clean the module regularly with a damp towel to guarantee optimum performance of the solar panel. Do not use any type of solvent for cleaning and be careful not to put too much pressure on the module while cleaning.


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1 year limited warranty


If you have an outdoor shed, boathouse, or other area without electricity and want an alternative with having to run costly wiring throughout, then the solar charged shed light system is a perfect fit. All hardware and instructions included make this system very easy and quick to set up. If you have an area where you need enough light to find a tool or put items away this is an excellent affordable option. We do not recommend the shed light system for an area where you need exceptionally bright light.

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