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Global Sun Oven & Solar Cookers

Sun Ovens

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Round 3 Quart Enamel Roaster

Sun Ovens


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Item #: SV-GA GLSO

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Bake bread, pizzas, or casseroles using solar energy to cook your food without gas or other fossil fuels

Why Green

  • No need for fossil fuels
  • All natural power of the sun
  • Reduces level of deforestation

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As energy prices escalate, more and more people are recognizing the need for resources that are better for the environment as well as your wallet. Enter Global Sun Ovens and the clean, free cooking power of the sun. The Sun Oven can reach temperatures high enough to boil water and even roast a chicken in a time frame similar to conventional ovens, yet uses no gas or electricity. In a Sun Oven, sunlight enters through a glass door, and the black surfaces inside the oven capture and transform the sun's energy into heat that cannot escape the chamber. You can bake, boil or steam your favorite recipes, and since the ovens' even temperatures prevent burning, food doesn't need to be stirred while it cooks. Also, the oven has collapsible sides, and at 21 pounds, is portable enough to be carried by a small child. So, cook your meals evenly and thoroughly while reducing your carbon footprint using the Global Sun Oven whether ice-fishing in Maine, camping in the middle of nowhere, or just sitting in your backyard.


  • The unique solar design allows it to reach temperatures of up to 400 F just like a conventional oven, without the use of fossil fuels
  • It's light weight and smaller size allow you to adjust its position to follow the sun and maintain maximum solar energy
  • The one piece collapsible reflectors make it easy to set up and break down, and extremely portable
  • Each oven has a built in thermometer to let you know when you have reached the optimal temperature for cooking

Model Choices

Sun Ovens
Sun Ovens

Sun Ovens

    Global Sun Ovens - Delicious Solar Powered Meals
    • No fuels needed
    • Attached one piece collapsible reflectors
    • Spill-proof levelator
    • Self-contained leveling leg
    • Won't burn food
    • Take it anywhere
    • Built in thermometer

Round 3 Quart Enamel Roaster
Round 3 Quart Enamel Roaster

Round 3 Quart Enamel Roaster

    Global Sun Oven Round 3-qt. Enamel Roaster -The Perfect Dish for Solar Cooking
    • Durable enamel cookware
    • Won't burn food
    • Large 3 quart capacity
    • Evenly cooks meals

How it Works

The black surfaces on the inside of the oven captures and transforms the sun's energy into a form that cannot escape the oven chamber. When a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® is focused in the sun, the interior of the oven is heated by the sun's energy. Direct and reflected sunlight enters the oven chamber through the glass door. It then turns to heat energy when it is absorbed by the black inner-shell and Levelator. This heat input causes the temperature inside the oven to rise until the heat loss of the oven is equal to the solar heat gain. The light energy absorbed by dark pots and the oven's dark interior is converted into longer wavelength heat energy. Most of this longer-wavelength radiant energy can not pass back out through the glass, ensuring more efficient cooking.
The Sun Oven does work in the winter time. The most important factor in using a GLOBAL SUN OVEN®is the brightness of the day, NOT the outside air temperature. Often, a 40-degree, clear, low-humidity day will allow food to cook faster than a 100-degree day with high humidity. The GLOBAL SUN OVEN®has been used very successfully at the base camp of a Mt. Everest expedition where the temperatures are often well below zero. There are, however, more cooking hours available in the summer than in the winter.

Size Chart

Sun Oven Specs:
Dimensions: 19" x 19" with an average depth of 11".
Weight: 21 pounds

3 Quart Roaster:
Dimensions:9.75" x 5.75"
Capacity: 3 lb. roast; 3 qt capacity


Expert Review

We like that the Global Sun Oven makes cooking fast, easy and require no fuel. This unit is brilliantly designed for any travel that requires you be concerned about an item's portability but doesn't require you to compromise your cooking potential. Whether the Sun Oven is used as a primary or backup cooking appliance, it is one that you will be happy to have at your side, whether using it while camping, picnicing, or any other form of outdoor living. You can also use it at home.


The use of SUN OVENS can eliminate the use of up to 70% of the wood which is currently being consumed for household cooking.


15 year warranty


About the Global Sun Oven Product Line: The 3 Quart Enamel Roaster and the Global Sun Ovens help utilize the power of the sun to cook just about any food item evenly and thoroughly, without using fossil fuels or electricity. They are some of the most energy efficient, powerful cooking appliances we've seen in some time. They are built to cook your food evenly, so there's never any concern over burning, and the heat produced is less than a conventional oven, so it helps reduce radiant heat in or out of your home. The sun oven is collapsible and weighs very little, so it's easy to take along on outdoor excursions, like camping or picnics. Start enjoying sun cooked meals today!

About the Global Sun Oven: The sun oven uses the power of the sun to bake, boil or steam any kind of food. This solar oven cooks just like your home oven but is versatile, easy-to-use and completely safe. There is no fuel needed, which makes them extremely energy efficient, and thus good for the environment. Every meal you prepare with this oven will be good tasting and good for the environment, giving you double the benefits.

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Global Sun Ovens


Item #: SV-GA GLSO

  • Evenly cooked meals
  • Lightweight and portable

Availability: Ships in 2-5 days

Round 3-qt. Enamel Roasters

Shipping Costs*
Item #: SV-GA 3QPT

  • Evenly cooked meals
  • Durable enamel cookware

Availability: Ships in 2-5 days
This page features our solar cooking inlcuding Sun Ovens and Round 3 Quart Enamel Roaster.