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Portable Evaporative Air Coolers by Impco

Winter Evaporative Air Coolers

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Hi-Cool Evaporative Air Coolers

Winter Evaporative Air Coolers

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With the energy efficiency and cooling comfort of this evaporative cooler, you’ll think it is winter all year round.

Why Green

    • Energy efficient air coolers
    • 100% pure air circulation
    • Eliminates dust and pollen
    • No emission of harmful CFCs

Expert Rating:


One of the mantras of Impco, is that "every employee here is an artist". Considering the contemporary lines and classic craftsmanship, this is not a surprise. One of the few air cooler systems sold on almost every continent, Impco is the standard other cooling systems and air conditioners strive to be. Utilizing evaporative air cooling technology, every system washes and cools warm, humid outside air through its filter pads. Every room receives fresh, cool air, devoid of dust and other allergens. And because it uses only a third of the energy of traditional air conditioners, you’ll maintain a cool state of mind about the global environment, and not just your home.


  • Cellulose paper pads with superb wetting properties environmentally friendly, provides low running costs
  • Unique Water Shield plastic cap protects motor and pump from water humidity and water splashing
  • The evaporative air cooler draws exterior air inside, where the air is cooled by evaporation, then circulated. It provides a constant supply of fresh, filtered air and does not re-circulate the same air like air conditioning.
  • The evaporative air cooler is perfect for people with allergies, respiratory pathologies, the elderly and children.
  • Powerful 3 speed motor allows you to set required level of comfort
  • Dust filter net captures particles to provide cleaner air
  • High impact thermo-plastic outer body casing ~ increases durability

Model Choices

Winter Evaporative Air Coolers
Winter Evaporative Air Coolers

Winter Evaporative Air Coolers

    Cools Rooms Up to 750 Square Feet in Space!
    • Low Power Consumption of Only 175 watts / 0.17 units Per Hour
    • Perfect for: Kids Room, Study Room, Office, Coastal Area
    • Water tank capacity: 51 ltr / 14 gallons
    • Dimensions: 25L x 19W x 41H
    • Weight: 37 lbs.
    • Four side cooling pads
    • Powerful 17 mt. (55 ft.) air throw
    • Large 457 mm (18 inch) non-corrosive fan
    • Air throws at body level
    • Whisper quite performance
    • No trolley required
    • Five castors for easy portability
    • Water shield for protection of motor
    • Easy to open side grills for cleaning
    • Four way air deflection system
    • Water level indicator
    • Ice chamber
    • Even operates on inverter

Hi-Cool Evaporative Air Coolers
Hi-Cool Evaporative Air Coolers

Hi-Cool Evaporative Air Coolers

    Cools Rooms Up to 200 Square Feet in Space.
    • Low Power Consumption of Only 140 watts / 0.14 units Per Hour
    • Perfect for: Living Room, Conference Room, Waiting Room, Show Room
    • Water tank capacity: 20 ltr / 5.25 gallons
    • Dimensions: 20L x 1W x 33H
    • Weight: 22 lbs.
    • 11 mt. (37 ft.) Air Throw
    • Air Throw at body level
    • Humidity control
    • Portable
    • Honeycomb pad
    • Mosquito net with dust filter
    • Powerful 3 speed motor
    • Ice chamber
    • No trolley required
    • Even operates in inverter

How it Works

In hot summer, evaporative air cooler cools the air by evaporation. In each air cooler, there is a water reservoir (tank), motorized pump, water distribution system, cooling pads and fan/blower. With the help of pump, water is pumped up from the water reservoir (tank) and through the water distribution system the water is dropped on cooling media (i.e. Cellulose Paper Pads or Aspen Pads). The blower/fan sucks the outside hot air and this hot air passes through wetted cooling media. The water evaporation takes place and air temperature drops. This cool air is then thrown inside the cooling area which in turn offers cool and fresh air.
Evaporative coolers are rated by the cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air that they deliver to the house. Most models range from 3,000 to 25,000 cfm. Manufacturers recommend providing enough air-moving capacity for 20–40 air changes per hour, depending on climate.

Product Usage

Evaporative air cooling is most effective, where the air is hot and humidity is low, such as in the south western part of the United States. However, in high humidity areas like coastal belts, there are many cost effective uses of evaporative cooling that make it the right choice. For example, industrial plants, commercial kitchens, laundries, dry cleaners, tanning parlours, and any other situation where the air tends to be dry as a result of the business type.


Expert Review

An evaporative cooler should have at least two speeds and a vent-only option. During vent-only operation, the water pump does not operate and the outdoor air is not humidified. This lets you use the evaporative cooler as a whole-house fan during mild weather.
Control the cooler's air movement through the house by adjusting window openings. Open the windows or vents on the leeward side of the house to provide 1–2 square feet of opening for each 1,000 cfm of cooling capacity. Experiment to find the right windows to open and the correct amount to open them. If the windows are open too far, hot air will enter. If the windows are not open far enough, humidity will build up in the home.
You can regulate both temperature and humidity by opening windows in the areas you want to cool, and closing windows in unoccupied areas. Where open windows create a security issue, install up-ducts in the ceiling. Up-ducts open to exhaust warm air into the attic as cooler air comes in from the evaporative cooler. Evaporative coolers installed with up-ducts will need additional attic ventilation.
Optional filters remove most of the dust from incoming air—an attractive option for homeowners concerned about allergies. Filters can also reduce the tendency of some coolers to pull water droplets from the pads into the blades of the fan. Most evaporative coolers do not have air filters as original equipment, but they can be fitted to the cooler during or after installation.


A portable evaporative air cooler provides substantial energy saving over refrigerated air units/air conditioners. The simplicity of design ensures negligible maintenance cost. Evaporative cooler provides you fresh filtered air. Thus a portable evaporative air cooler gives you cool and filtered fresh air, which is free from C.F.C and has low acquiring, maintenance and running (electricity) costs.


Warranty: 90 days labor, 1 year parts


The Winter Evaporative Air Cooler ensures you get 100% fresh air every time, and you can even keep all doors and windows open while it is in operation. With cooling pads on four sides, the Winter offers the most comprehensive and complete cooling possible as the fresh air reaches you from all directions. And because it costs 1/3 of a traditional air conditioner to operate, you can chill out about the effect you might be having on the planet. In other words, for you, all year round, there's just one season-that of winter.

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