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Water Purifiers

Drink healthy, pure water and eliminate plastic water bottle waste with at home water purification fitration. Today's water quality is not nearly as healthy as you would think. Water straight from the tap has germs, bacteria, chlorine, VOCs & other chemicals that are not healthy for the human body. Bottled water is expensive and contributes to landfill & resource waste. Water purifiers and filters offer a cost effective and superior solution to bottled water, and for pure taste, it cannot be beat.

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Countertop Filtration

Premium 10-Stage Water Filter AquaCera Countertop Water Filters

Premium 10-Stage Water Countertop Water Filters

AquaCera Countertop Water Filters

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  • 10-Stage water filtration
  • Drastically reduces the level of harmful contaminants
  • 4-stage Ultracarb ceramic filter
  • Reduces parasites, chlorine, dirt, odor & more

Water Pitchers

Zero Water Filter Pitchers - Standard Package Aqua Blue Barrier Premia Water Filter Pitchers - Standard Package

Zero Water Filter Pitchers

Aqua Blue Barrier Premia Water Filter Pitchers

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  • 5-stage filtration system
  • Built-in water tester & in-fridge push button dispenser
  • Filters lasts around 95 gallons
  • Great for removing chlorine

Whole House Filtration

AquaCera CF8 Series Whole House Water Filters

AquaCera CF Series Whole House Water Filters



  • Clean, healthy water for the entire home
  • Multi-stage filtration process and high performance media

Garden Hose Filtration

Water Dechlorinating Garden Filter

Water Dechlorinating Garden Filter



  • Removes chlorine from garden hose water
  • Non-toxic
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